Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to reunite for Rush Hour 4

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to reunite for Rush Hour 4

20 years ago, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker took the comedy-action world by storm as LAPD Detective James Carter and Hong Kong Inspector Lee in Rush Hour. Crazy and eccentric, James Carter was the perfect ying to Jackie Chan’s loveable but deadly yang. Now it seems like the pair maybe ready to reunite for a fourth installment of the comedy franchise.

Martial Arts legend, Jackie Chan gave a radio interview this Thursday with Power 106’s The Cruz Show, where he talked about possible shooting schedules and meetings with Chris Tucker. He said “for the last seven years we have been turning down the script but we have finally agreed on it.” Chan is doing the press rounds for his new action film, The Foreigner and has added that the Rush Hour 4 script will have a second draft at the end of the month and 2018 will possibly be the start of shooting if Tucker decides to participate.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Chris Tucker already spoke about the potential film a few years ago in which he and Chan bandied about ideas. Chan also echoed this but added that the film is a fun thing that needs to be done before the pair become too old, “I told Chris Tucker, we need to do Rush Hour 4 before we get old.”

Rush Hour was a success for New Line Cinema and gave birth to Jackie Chan as a bonified action star. Many of his films thereafter marketed on him as a Hong Kong-American star, stuck between two worlds. Most notably, Chan’s team up with Owen Wilson in 2000’s Shanghai Noon which had a sequel, Shanghai Knights.

Rush Hour 4 currently has no director. However, it is expected that once the screenplay is finalised that the film will acquire a cast.

Jackie Chan’s The Foreigner will premiere October 13, 2018.

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