IT: Chapter Two’s Adult Losers Club Gather in Official Photo

IT: Chapter Two’s Adult Losers Club Gather in Official Photo

The reboot of Stephen King’s IT has gone down to be one of the most successful horror movies ever made, and production has already started for the sequel. Now the official Twitter page for the film has given us an official look of the cast playing the grown-up Losers Club.

Check them out:

The most recognizable stars in the movie are no doubt Jessica Chastain (Bev), Bill Hader (Richie), and James McAvoy (Bill). You’ll also recognize Old Spice’s Isaiah Mustafa who plays a grown up Mike. Besides them, we have James Ransone (Eddie), Jay Ryan (Ben), and Andy Bean (Stan).

Missing from the photo is Pennywise himself Bill Skarsgard, but I understand how this is photo is supposed to highlight the protagonists of the movie.

The adult half of the IT story is usually considered the weaker part of the book, but I’m sure that director Andy Muschietti has something interesting planned for the sequel. After all, he did opt to remove some sequences from the books, like the reveal that Pennywise is actually an alien or the sewer orgy scene that the kids have after they defeat Pennywise for the first time.

That’s right; there’s a scene in the book, where the kids… have an orgy… in a sewer.

Catch IT: Chapter Two in theaters Sept. 6, 2019.



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