Is This Concept Art for Thomas Wayne’s Batman in Flashpoint?

Is This Concept Art for Thomas Wayne’s Batman in Flashpoint?

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With Michael Keaton’s Batman making an appearance in the Flash solo movie, it’s said that WB is no longer interested in bringing to screen Flashpoint’s Batman, Thomas Wayne. With that being said, Justice League concept artist Jerad S. Marantz has shared this piece of Batman art for a ‘cancelled project’ and it could very well be for the Flashpoint Batman.

Check it:

While it’s not completely accurate to the comic, the red eyes are something lifted right off the Flashpoint Batman suit. There also looks to be a lot more mechanical parts to the suit, which would explain a lot seeing that Thomas Wayne is significantly older than Bruce. Looking at the Bat-logo as well, it’s very similar to Batfleck’s, so this could very well be keeping to the aesthetic of the DCEU.

Again, this doesn’t confirm anything, but with The Flash undergoing so much changes in script and being in Development Hell for so long, it’s very plausible that there are a bunch of Thomas Wayne Batman mock-ups out there hidden away in some artist’s PC.

While I do like the idea of Keaton returning as Batman, I’m terribly disappointed that they won’t be bringing Thomas Wayne into the story. After all, Thomas has a more emotional connection with Bruce Wayne—who has been confirmed to come back for this movie. Keaton coming back was obviously a move to pander to nostalgia, and I would rather they just brought in someone new rather than have Keaton slip on a Batsuit again.

What a terrible waste of a perfectly cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Catch The Flash when it (hopefully) hits theaters June 2, 2022.



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