Is Kanan Jarrus in the New Trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

Is Kanan Jarrus in the New Trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

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With Star Wars Resistance ending this month, Disney+ is also looking to put a cap on another long-running series, The Clone Wars. Lucasfilm had just released a new trailer for the final season, and look who has a little cameo.

As some fans have pointed out, Star Wars Rebels hero Kanan Jarrus is actually in the trailer; albeit, it’s only a brief cameo. Check it out:

At the roundtable, you can see Kanan (then Caleb Dume) and his master Depa Billaba. While I’m not expecting the series to give us Kanan’s backstory, you can always check out the comic Kanan: The Last Padawan which tells it in detail. You think it would be too much to ask for a cameo for Fallen Order’s Cal Kestis?

Though Kanan had died by the end of Rebels, he has come out to be one of the most beloved characters in the Disney-era Star Wars. It’s pretty neat that they found a way to include him in the final season of The Clone Wars. With some suspecting that we’ll get to see Order 66 from the point of view of several other Jedi, I think it’s likely we could get to see Kanan’s origin play out in animated form.

With the end of The Clone Wars, Lucasfilm now has a void to fill in terms of animated Star Wars shows. I’m personally not a fan of the animation of Resistance; but I would love to see something in 2D on par with the likes of Avatar: The Legend of Korra or the new Voltron. We know Lucasfilm can pull it off with the Galaxy of Adventures shorts. Why not proceed with a full series?

The final season of The Clone Wars comes to Disney+ on Feb. 21.


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