Iron Fist is Heading to Harlem in Season 2 of Luke Cage

Iron Fist is Heading to Harlem in Season 2 of Luke Cage

After Luke Cage and Danny Rand A.K.A The Iron Fist’s budding friendship in Marvel’s The Defenders, a lot of people were asking if we would see this announcement, which was verified on Finn Jones’ Instagram. Both Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) have had individual Netflix shows, which then led to a team up in The Defenders.


Danny’s heading to Harlem. back on set, amongst friends. #lukecage #season2

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For those unware, both Danny and Luke team up in the Marvel comics to make Heroes for Hire– a sort of crime fighting duo. This was aptly named Power Man and Iron Fist. Because of this pre-laid out friendship in the comics, many Netflix subscribers were on the look out for hints of a possible team up in The Defenders. For starters, both of them interacted well with each other (despite a few hiccups), and they managed to share a few nice moments together.

Some fans have already speculated that Danny’s company, Rand Enterprises will be the reason for his arrival in Harlem but we will not know for sure until Luke Cage Season 2 premieres in 2018. It is expected that the series will premiere after Jessica Jones Season 2 next year and before Daredevil Season 3 and Iron Fist Season 2.

A Power Fist Team Up

Luke Cage recently appeared in new pictures with Misty Knight who was touting her bionic arm. Originally made by Tony Stark in the comics. Charlies Angel’s star, Lucy Liu will also be directing an episode of Luke Cage this season.

It’s very exciting news and the Instagram reveal suggests that Danny’s role may be more than just a cameo. This could also mean that Luke Cage may cross over into Iron Fist Season 2. However, we won’t know until Luke Cage Season 2 premieres in 2018.

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