Interesting New Details on ‘Suicide Squad’

Interesting New Details on ‘Suicide Squad’

New details about Suicide Squad have emerged online. Fans have been treated to information on Batman, Joker and Harley’s relationship, and more. A few of the most fascinating bits are listed below (via Collider).

  • The film’s narrative is a fractured one, as flashbacks offer a look at Harley and Joker’s past time together.
  • The present day arc takes place after the events of Batman v Superman, and will have connections to that story “in many ways.”
  • While the film is an ensemble at its core, Deadshot is its leader. David Ayer notes that “this is really Will Smith’s movie.” In fact, Ayer wrote Deadshot’s character with Smith in mind.
  • All characters are fully fleshed out, but not all of them are redeemable.
  • Scott Eastwood’s role is not based on a comic character. So, no Nightwing, sadly. He’s instead a Navy SEAL, taking on the mission with the Suicide Squad.
  • The studio didn’t have a mandate on who should and should not feature in the movie. All Squad members were handpicked by Ayer. Though he did work closely with Geoff Johns to craft narratives for a few of the characters.
  • Some of the actors have already spoken on Ayer’s unique style of directing. Now it’s been revealed that he would have cast mates spar one another. In an effort to get an actor where he needed them to be, he would use stories of their deepest secrets against them on set. In some instances, Ayer would toss out new ideas while filming, or introduce new monologues into the script.
  • Yes, Katana will speak to her Soultaker sword.
  • Some of Joker’s design was influenced by Mexican cartel leaders. Ayer wanted to craft an urban world, with Joker at the top of the criminal ladder.
  • To keep details about the film secret, no one received a hard copy of the script. Everything was managed online.

Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 5.

Image: Warner Bros. 


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