Insights on Leon, Valerian, and more in Luc Besson AMA

Insights on Leon, Valerian, and more in Luc Besson AMA

Fans of Leon: The Professional and The Fifth Element were treated to some insights from the director in today’s Luc Besson AMA on reddit. Besson answered questions on his movies, actors he’s worked with, the low US grosses of Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets, and other subjects. You can read the whole Luc Besson AMA here, but here’s some highlights.

Hoping for a Blade Runner 2049-style return to The Fifth Element? Well, you probably shouldn’t, according to Besson.

Besson was also confident that studio demands wouldn’t force the issue.

He was, however, less definitive about a Professional sequel starring Natalie Portman as a grown-up Mathilda.

Besson remains proud of his most recent film, Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets, and thinks that its disappointing US gross had more to do with promotion than the film itself.

This isn’t the only case of Besson pointing his finger at US marketing being to blame for US box office failure.

Besson had some tips for aspiring screenwriters.

And anyone hoping to see a Besson-directed Avengers or Justice League movie shouldn’t hold their breath, as the notion seems to have no appeal.

Besson’s latest, Anna, begins filming in ten days. But don’t bother combing the Luc Besson AMA for clues.

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