Indiana Jones 5 to Start Filming in 2019

Indiana Jones 5 to Start Filming in 2019

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It looks like Steven Spielberg is going to be keeping himself busy until 2020. Ready Player One hasn’t even come out yet, and news has it that Spielberg’s West Side Story remake is moving forward. What’s more, Indiana Jones 5 is looking to start production soon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg is planning to begin production for Indy 5 sometime next year. Seeing that Harrison Ford would be close to 77-years-old by that time, it would make sense that they would want to start production soon.

We still have no idea what’s in store for Indy 5, but a good guess is that we’ll be watching Ford “pass the torch” to someone younger who can take over the role of “Indiana Jones.” Everyone knows that Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt character wasn’t well-loved, so I imagine that they’re recasting the role of Indy Junior. I think a lot of people are already eager to see Chris Pratt take on the role of the new Indy.

Though Harrison Ford is one of the grumpiest actors in Hollywood, he seems to have been revisiting a lot of his old roles since 2015. I’m just hoping that this movie doesn’t end up like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The trailer was amazing, but it sure didn’t hold a candle to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I’m just here hoping that the last movie doesn’t kill off Indiana Jones. Perhaps the series could focus on his protégé instead and have the “original” Indy take on the role of a mentor? I’ve already seen Han Solo and Luke Skywalker die onscreen. I don’t know if I can take the loss of Indiana Jones.

No specific release date has been revealed for Indiana Jones 5, but it’s said to be aiming for a July 2020 premiere.


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