Hobbit Actor Martin Freeman Reveals He was Almost in a Star Wars Movie

Hobbit Actor Martin Freeman Reveals He was Almost in a Star Wars Movie

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Martin Freeman has to be one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood today, what with his roles as Watson in BBC’s Sherlock as well as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit franchise. As it turns out, Freeman was in line to star in a Star Wars film which he eventually didn’t get.

Talking to Joe, Freeman was asked if he was interested in joining the Star Wars saga to which he revealed he had been in early talks for:

“Well, of course, of course, I might be [interested]… (as for being involved in discussions) No, not directly, no. Indirectly, yeah. I had a chat with the folks a few years ago, but no, it’s been at the right thing. There are other British actors that they preferred to me.”

Now I’m scrambling my head for which characters in the recent movies needed to be British. So far, I could only think of General Hux being the more prominent role, but Freeman could have also been in line for Simon Pegg’s role of Unkar Plutt in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Sure Alan Tudyk wasn’t British, but he did have to pull off an accent for his role of K-2SO, and I think Freeman would have been fun to watch as a droid.

For now, Freeman is set to appear in the MCU’s Black Panther as Agent Everett Ross. It’s funny since his Sherlock and Hobbit co-star Benedict Cumberbatch has also been cast in the MCU but in the more prominent role of Doctor Strange. Hopefully, we get to see Ross and Strange onscreen together in Avengers: Infinity War.

Black Panther comes out tomorrow Feb. 16.


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