HBO’s Watchmen Could Last for Only One Season

HBO’s Watchmen Could Last for Only One Season

After his work on The Leftovers, Damon Lindelof is set to make a Watchmen series for HBO. The show arrives later this month, and though a lot of fans are excited, it could very much last for only one season—depending on reception.

Talking during a panel at NYCC 2019 (via THR), Lindelof explains that the first season of the show was made to be a closed story. He says:

“We want to see how it’s received by you guys… If the show comes out there and the conversation surrounding the show suggests you’re hungry for more, we’ll certainly take that into consideration. We want to deliver nine episodes that deliver a complete and total, amazing story.”

If anything, I’m glad the showrunners are taking that route. With comic book materials filled with set-ups and hints at a bigger universe, it’s kind of refreshing to see something that tells a closed story (much like the case with DC’s Joker). If anything, I think the show would stay true to the spirit of the comic if it finishes with an open end; the original Watchmen did finish with Rorschach’s journal coming to a news office, and it was up to the audience to ponder what would happen then.

Will Watchmen last for more than one season? All we can really do is wait and see. Catch the series when it premieres on HBO Oct. 20.


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