HBO Max Reportedly Interested in Bringing Back Ben Affleck’s Batman

HBO Max Reportedly Interested in Bringing Back Ben Affleck’s Batman

While he may have been out of the role since 2017, we’re going to be seeing Ben Affleck as Batman return in Zack Snyder’s Justice League next year. With a lot more excitement for the return of Batfleck, word has it that HBO Max actually wants to do more with Afffleck’s iteration of the character.

The GWW’s @BLackMajikMan90 has posted:

This same post had also been retweeted by insider Daniel Richtman, so it’s very likely that there could be some truth to it.

Admittedly, when Affleck had left the role, it was reported that the part was really putting a strain on his mental health. Besides struggling with alcoholism, Affleck was said to have been continuously clashing with DC film head Geoff Johns and the plans for his Batman movie were constantly being thwarted—resulting to Affleck having to leave.

With Johns now facing the judgement of the public (thanks to Ray Fisher) and Affleck looking a lot more healthy and happy these days, fans are hopeful that he would come to the Batman role again. He’s going to be reprising it for the Flash solo movie; and though it would seem like a sendoff, it would be great if we could have some kind of Batfleck HBO Max film while Robert Pattinson is beating up criminals in the big screen.

We don’t have any official word on this project yet, but if Zack Snyder’s Justice League manages to impress, then hopefully we could see the return of Batfleck. Fingers crossed.


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