Hasbro Unveils Their Next Wave of Star Wars Figures at Toy Fair New York

Hasbro Unveils Their Next Wave of Star Wars Figures at Toy Fair New York

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Besides having great movies, the Star Wars franchise has its toylines to thank for its longevity, and Hasbro has just released a whole bunch of images for their upcoming Star Wars lines. Some of which include expanded universe figures as well as toys for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Check them out:




Hasbro is said to have acquired new face-printing tech for their figures which they have been using for toys for Star Wars as well as Marvel. We already got a hint of the tech way back with the release of Ach-To Rey, and now we get to see it on more figures, including that of Woody Harrelson’s Tobias Beckett.

It’s also worth noting that we’re getting a figure of the expanded universe’s Doctor Aphra as well as Clone Commander Wolf. Bounty hunter collectors also have Zuckuss to add to their collection. Soon enough, they’ll be able to complete the entire ESB mercenary lineup.

There’s also an image of a new FX prop, the riot baton, as well as this accurate-looking First Order trooper blaster.

With Star Wars toys being one of the most coveted I the market, it’s great that Hasbro is looking to improve on their figures. They’ve been having their butts kicked by the foreign releases when it comes to adult collectors, but now the new tech seems too good to be true.

Expect these figures to release sometime within the year.

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