Hasbro Unveils Overwatch Ultimates Toyline

Hasbro Unveils Overwatch Ultimates Toyline

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Hasbro is a toy giant and has been responsible for two of the most popular toylines on shelves now, Marvel Legends and Star Wars The Black Series. Now they’re trying their hand on another popular property—Blizzard’s Overwatch.

With the American International Toy Fair still ongoing, Hasbro has released a trailer announcing their Overwatch Ultimates line:

If you’ve been a fan of Overwatch for a while, you’ll know that the game is kind of short on merch. We do have some Overwatch figures coming from Figma, but they do tend to be a bit pricey. With Hasbro at the helm though, we could be looking at some great figures that come at a more affordable price. What’s more, we have the option of getting figures that would have different skins from the default ones. This line just opened with Blackwatch Reyes and Shrike Ana. Imagine an Odille skin for Widowmaker or Junkenstein for Junkrat.

We don’t know for how much these figures will cost yet, but I imagine they’ll be just above the price range of your standard 6-inch figures. Not all the characters have the same scale, so I would understand if some ended up more expensive than others. I mean, Reinhardt is massive, and he’s not the only large character in the series as well.

Hopefully we get the full lineup of Overwatch Ultimates released this year, and if it picks up, announcements for more characters down the line.

Overwatch is currently playable for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


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