This ‘Harry Potter’ & ‘Stranger Things’ Crossover is Too Perfect

This ‘Harry Potter’ & ‘Stranger Things’ Crossover is Too Perfect

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Netflix’s Stranger Things launched this summer and quickly rose to immense popularity. It’s safe to say the show’s popularity has at least come close to Harry Potter levels of insanity. Because of that, it’s also easy to see a few parallels. Comedy Central UK took special notice of the evident similarities and made the following video. Beware, your face may hurt from endless smiling.

The scores from both series meld unsurprisingly well together. Plus, Harry, Ron, and Hermione would be the perfect companions for Eleven and Friends. And we’d be willing to bet the Potter crew would fair pretty nicely against the Demogorgon and the Upside Down.

The real question is if the Stranger Things kids could hold up in a battle opposite the mysterious wonders of the Wizarding World. Eleven herself could likely get by without too much trouble. Seeing her take on a Dementor would be quite the scene to watch. With a bit of training from Snape and Dumbledore on her to control her powers, she’d be even more of a force to reckon with.

If for some reason you haven’t already given Stranger Things a try. It’s available for all of your binge-watching pleasure on Netflix. Recently, the show’s second season was officially confirmed. Since then, fans have been given hints and teases about what to expect next. Admittedly, it hasn’t been much to go on, but it’s just enough to keep us anxious for more.

This video is especially apropos, since the Wizarding World of Harry Potter make its big screen return this year. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hits theaters November 17, and follows Newt Scamander in 1926 New York. Warner Bros. seems quite confident in the film, since there are already several sequels on the horizon. Perhaps they’ll too one day come across the kids on Netflix’s summer phenomenon.

Image: Comedy Central UK via Warner Bros., Netflix 


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