GOT Star Iwan Rheon  Calls Sansa’s Rape Scene ‘Worst Day of My Career’

GOT Star Iwan Rheon Calls Sansa’s Rape Scene ‘Worst Day of My Career’

Probably one of the most effective villains in Game of Thrones was Iwan Rheon’s Ramsay Bolton, and he had done a lot of terrible things onscreen from torturing and breaking Theon Greyjoy to hunting people with dogs. One thing that fans still hate Ramsay for is the rape of Sansa Stark, and as it turns out, even Rheon hated shooting the scene.

Talking to Metro, Rheon talks about how the scene was a career low for him. He says:

“That was horrible. Nobody wanted to be there. Nobody wants to do that, but if it’s telling a story then you have to tell it truthfully… They didn’t sensationalize it or anything. It was very, very hard watching. It’s a horrible thing that happens, unfortunately… It was the worst day of my career.

If anything, a lot of audience members also thought that the scene was pulled off terribly. Besides watching Sansa get assaulted, the scene decided to put the focus on Theon instead—unwittingly making Sansa a prop for his character moment.

Rheon continues:

“Chopping someone’s finger off you don’t really see it, and when you’re doing like a close up, it’s a piece of plastic. We’re just acting, it’s not real. Then something like that where you’re in the actual reality of the situation is very difficult to deal with. It was a horrible, horrible day. This is something that we shouldn’t even have to worry about, because it’s something that shouldn’t exist in this world but unfortunately it does.”

Going by the books, Sansa would have never been raped by Ramsay at all, and even author George R.R. Martin says that Littlefinger (at least the book version) would have never handed her over to the Boltons. Knowing how the show went down, it’s going to be interesting to see how Martin actually ends the books—if he ever gets to it in this lifetime.

Game of Thrones may be done, but HBO is gearing up for a spinoff called House of the Dragon which is aiming  to release sometime in 2022.

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