‘Get Out’ Failed To Take Home Anything From The Golden Globes And Fans Are Mad

‘Get Out’ Failed To Take Home Anything From The Golden Globes And Fans Are Mad

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You may remember when “Get Out” was nominated for Best Picture, Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes, which left many fans including us scratching our heads because it wasn’t even that much of a comedy, though it did have some funny moments. More so than anything “Get Out” is a social commentary on racism in the modern age and an issue that is incredibly prevalent in today’s political climate.

And as we pointed out “Get Out” didn’t take home any awards and fans took to Twitter to rant about “Get Out” not winning.

With users writing:

“Get Out” had such high critical and box office success many were expecting it to win. The film itself brought in $250 million worldwide, which is no small feat for a movie of this genre.

However, despite the outrage from fans director Jordan Peele said that he didn’t care what type of film it was labeled, as long as the audience knew their truth. We also would like to note that movies such as “The Post” and “Dunkirk” also didn’t win anything. “Dunkirk” also received many positive reviews but lost out to “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri”.

The only issue we have no is The Golden Globes is seen as a precursor to The Oscars so does that mean we’ll see the same outcome at The Oscars? We’ll have a better idea when nominations are announced on the 24th of January, but here’s hoping “Get Out” will earn some much-deserved recognition at Hollywood’s most significant awards show of the season.


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