George Lucas Also Planned for Luke Skywalker to Die in Episode VIII

George Lucas Also Planned for Luke Skywalker to Die in Episode VIII

Probably one of the biggest complaints about Star Wars: The Last Jedi was the death of Luke Skywalker, and for years fans have been complaining about how Disney ruined the franchise and how they want George Lucas to come back. What’s funny is, Luke Skywalker’s death was actually aligned with Lucas’ plans all along.

As Lucasfilm Creative Executive Pablo Hidalgo revealed in his new book, Star Wars: Fascinating Facts, Lucas already had a plan for “Luke Skywalker’s Destiny”. Here’s a photo of the page via @Oozer:

Years before The Last Jedi began development, the treatment left behind by George Lucas in 2012 also had Episode VIII be the one wherein Luke Skywalker would die.

We don’t really have any specifics on how or why Luke dies, but judging on what we got in The Last Jedi, I was pretty pleased with the direction that Rian Johnson went.

Speaking of pleased, a lot of The Last Jedi fans actually think this is a fun bit of information. After years of people complaining that Lucas would have never ‘done Luke dirty’ if he was in charge of the Sequels, it’s funny to think that Luke’s death was still part of Lucas’ plan. Of course, there are some who still think the move was terrible because of the treatment, but there’s no changing the mind of those guys no matter how you put it.

For now, Star Wars is taking a break from the box office, and Lucasfilm is going to put more focus on the TV end of things. The second season of The Mandalorian is set to hit Disney+ on Oct. 30.

Source: Star Wars News Net


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