Geoff Johns Reveals Official Title of Justice League Film

Geoff Johns Reveals Official Title of Justice League Film

A rumor swept through the web that claimed Warner Bros. was allegedly considering a number of titles for the first Justice League movie. Those rumored titles were as follows: Justice League: United, Justice League: Angels and Demons, Justice League: Gods Among Us, and Justice League: Gods Among Men. All pretty lengthy, but so too was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Perhaps that was what triggered the simplicity in the film’s official title, which has been revealed by one of the heads of the DCEU, Geoff Johns.

It’s perfect, simple, and functions well enough that there is no need to explain what it is or what it will be about. Batman v Superman packed in a lot, it was not only the meeting and battle of two titans, but also the JL’s cinematic introduction. Maybe its lengthier title was necessary, in a way, to add extra context; although, it could be argued it failed to do the job, if such was the case.

This more modest title may also speak to the film having a clearer focus than that of BvS, as Alfred Pennyworth actor Jeremy Irons has claimed. A more linear narrative would serve the DCEU’s next outing well, and it’s possible this reveal reflects that.

Additionally, there’s a precedent to be remembered, as the first Avengers film was simply dubbed The Avengers. Maybe the sequel will follow in those same footsteps and get a subtitle, or maybe WB sticks to its own path and only chooses to add a ‘2.’ But we’re getting too far ahead of ourselves. The name is great, hopefully the film itself will be so, as well.

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