Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Jon Snow

Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Jon Snow

Season 5, Episode 3:  High Sparrow
Jon Snow beheads Janos Slynt for his insubordinate mouth.

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This moment takes place in an episode where Jon Snow – now Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch –  has rejected Stannis’ offer to be made a legit Stark, which Jon refuses. So, it’s funny that what transpires next is something so Ned Stark-y that Jon proved his Stark-iness even without the name.

He’s presiding over a meeting of The Night’s Watch where Jon first anoints Ser Alliser Thorne as First Ranger, which would be an honor had he lost the Lord Commander post to Jon. But then, Jon gives Janos Slynt command of Greyguard, which is basically the Shitsville of The Night’s Watch posts, as if Castle Black wasn’t bad enough. Slynt sees this as a slap in the face, and proceeds to throw the hissiest of hissy fits Castle Black has ever seen. Jon Snow politely asks him again if he’s refusing the order (probably because he cannot believe what he’s seeing), and Slynt says, “You can stick your order up your bastard ass.”

Oh sookie sookie, now ya done gone and pissed off Lord-Commander-of-the-Goddamn-Nights-Watch-and-Valyrian-Steel-Sword-Owner- Jon-Mother-Effing-Snow!

When Jon asks to take Slynt outside AND asks for his sword….you knew he meant business like Jon Snow has never meant business before. And if there was any way to shake off the “bastard” insult and show his men what was what, it was to pull a Ned Stark and place Slynt’s neck on a stump in front in the courtyard for all to see. Slynt begins to whine and cry and plead for mercy, and then we see a look creep across Jon’s face that we’ve seen before. A look that implies he may just let this little asshat get away with extreme insubordination just because he’s become so pathetic at the prospect of losing his head. But Jon has learned a lot in previous seasons, and now that he’s Lord Commander, he knows he can’t be seen to take any lip from anyone. It’s bad enough that there’s still some distrust in the ranks that he has to contend with, so he knows what he has to do.

He hesitates for a brief moment before bringing the sword down on Slynt’s neck, thus sparing Game of Thrones fans from hearing Slynt’s grating voice ever again.

Go on with your bad self, Lord Commander.

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