Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Jaime Lannister

Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Jaime Lannister

Season 3, Episode 5:  Kissed by Fire
Jaime tells Brienne the true story behind the name Kingslayer [hint: he slayed a king].

Game of Thrones, Jaime Lannister, Kissed by Fire, S3E5
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Now that Jaime has lost his fighting hand, along with that any sense of self worth, we get to see him at his most vulnerable.  In a bathtub.  With Brienne.  And with that, a vocal community of Jaime-Brienne ‘shippers was born.

Now back at Harrenhal, Jaime is allowed to take a much-needed bath before being brought back to King’s Landing, courtesy of Roose Bolton.  When he arrives at the baths, Brienne is already there, and he begins to tell the account of how he got the nickname:  The Kingslayer.  When you hear him tell it, you hear a man who felt compelled by duty to protect his father and the people of King’s Landing against a mad king would would “burn them all.”  So, while stabbing a man in the back is considered a pretty cowardly thing, you can totally see why he did it.   You can see that he sincerely thought he was acting in the name of the greater good, just as much as he sincerely resents the name he got as a result of the act.  It was Jaime Lannister stripped bare, literally and emotionally, and would continue a streak of Game of Thrones making us sympathize with a guy that shags his sister and tries to kill children.  

Well played, Game of Thrones.  Well played.

Next: Jaime goes back to rescue Brienne from being eaten and/or mauled by a bear


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