Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Daenerys Targaryen

Season 3, Episode 4:  And Now His Watch Is Ended
Dany puts the smack down in Astapor.

Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen, S3E4, And Now His Watch Is Ended
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Once Dany emerged from Qarth with her dragons, she knew she was going to need an army if she was going to have any kind of serious chance of reclaiming the Iron Throne. So, when she’s introduced to The Unsullied – a group of lethal yet oppressively programmed slave warriors – she has to contend with the vile slave-owner Kraznys in order to broker a deal for all of them. Throughout the process, Kraznys incessantly insults Dany in High Valyrian while Missandei gives the G-rated translation for her. Dany finally offers him one of her dragons for all 8,000 of The Unsullied, and finally gets Kraznys to agree.

What happens next at the supposed exchange is nothing short of blood-pumping, high-fiving, fist-bump-inducing payback, courtesy of the Breaker of Chains. When Dany gives Kraznys one of her dragons and he in turn hands over The Unsullied, she reveals that she indeed speaks Old Valyrian and proceeds to lay the smack down in her mother tongue. With a fiery delivery that we had yet to see come from Dany, she orders The Unsullied to kill all the masters and free all the slaves. She then turns back to Kraznys and utters “dracarys” which we all know translates to “set the person on fire who just pissed off your mom.” And with that, an unruly Drogon unleashed hellfire on Kraznys, setting him ablaze. Needless to say, Dany was the winner in that particular transaction, and was an indicator as to Dany’s approach to conflict resolution in future episodes.

Next: Dany exiles Jorah, forgetting everything she learned in the last episode (from Jorah).


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