Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments:  Cersei Lannister

Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Cersei Lannister

Season 6, Episode 10:  Winds of Winter
Cersei decides Tommen kinda had it coming.

Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister, S6E10, The Winds of Winter
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One of Cersei’s favorite sayings, when she’s really, really pissed at someone, is that she’s going to “burn their [blank] to the ground.” I’m pretty sure she alternates between “houses” and “cities” most often to fill in that blank. So, when she plots to have every single one of her remaining enemies (in King’s Landing, at least) eviscerated with an obscene amount of wildfire at the end of last season, we really shouldn’t have been surprised. But there she stood, casually sipping her red wine comfortably outside of the blast radius, as she watched the Sept of Baelor violently evaporate into a green cloud. And her enemies with it.

But the most telling moment (there were many) wasn’t with that one necessarily, but with how she reacted to Tommen’s death in the wake of the Wildfire attack. As you’ll recall, Tommen, having seen his mother kill…well, basically everyone, doesn’t even know how to process it and he steps out of a window to his death. And here is Cersei – a woman that has proclaimed several times that her children are her reason for living, and that she would have actually thrown herself out a window long ago had it not been for them. Well, that certainly changed once Tommen became so devoted to The High Sparrow that it threatened to steer Cersei’s destiny into imprisonment again. Yet this time, had she been found guilty in her trial, it would have been a literal prison. Tommen was a completely lost cause; he wouldn’t even leave his room to get her out of Sparrow Jail for Christ’s sake, so in her eyes, he would have been her doom sooner or later. So, when she sees his dead body and says to have his ashes “buried where the Sept once stood,” he’s not even family anymore, and his rightful place is with the rest of her enemies. It’s as if she dressed in that [stunning] black dress that morning for this very moment, and her calm demeanor is reflective of a woman who had come to terms with the loss before it even happened.

Now childless, she has nothing to encumber her ascent to power. Except the Mother of Dragons. And Jon Snow and Sansa. And the Whitewalkers… She’s gonna need a lot more wildfire. And wine.

Tune in Sunday, July 16th to see if Cersei runs out of wildfire and wine!

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