Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments:  Cersei Lannister

Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Cersei Lannister

Season 6, Episode 7: The Broken Man
Cersei admits she was wrong. With an asterisk.

Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister, S6E7, The Broken Man
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Now that Cersei is out of Sparrow prison, she has to deal with the fact that her son, King Tommen, has absolutely no spine whatsoever and has proven to be incredibly susceptible to The High Sparrow’s influence. If there was ever a time where I actually wished for Joffrey back, it was around this time. At least he would have done away with these insufferable excuses for life that call themselves The Sparrows, and done away with them in gory, spectacular fashion. But now we’re stuck with Tommen, who while good-hearted, is and epic idiot. Anyways, now Cersei is desperate for any help she can get, and she’s run out of friends. So, she approaches Olenna Tyrell – in one hell of a Hail Mary pass – to help her fight the Sparrows under the guise of getting Loras out (even though we all know Cersei couldn’t give two craps about him).

Cue Olenna reading Cersei the riot act about being a gargantuan dumbass for empowering the Sparrows in the first place, and that they wouldn’t be in this predicament had she just sat there and drank wine like she usually does. She didn’t say that, but I’m sure that’s what she was thinking. Cersei actually admits to her foolish gameplay (most likely to get Olenna to play ball more than anything else), and continues to try to appeal to Olenna’s love for her grandson to stay in King’s Landing and fight the Sparrows together. Olenna confirms she’s peacing out, and that Cersei should do the same since literally EVERYONE in King’s Landing hates her.

Olenna says, “You have no support. Not anymore. You brother’s gone. The High Sparrow saw to that. The rest of your family have abandoned you. The people despise you. You’re surrounded by enemies – thousands of them.  You’re going to kill them all by yourself?”


Next: Cersei decides Tommen kinda had it coming.


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