Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments:  Cersei Lannister

Game of Thrones – Top 7 Moments: Cersei Lannister

Season 3, Episode 10:  Myhsa
Cersei tries to convince Tyrion that Sansa would be happier if she had kids.  LOL.

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In the wake of The Red Wedding, Tyrion is wondering how to lift the spirits of a wife whose family was just massacred in one fell swoop. Tyrion had already vowed to not take Sansa’s bed until she was ready, so consummating the marriage was already off the table. But in light of Sansa’s incomprehensible tragedy, Cersei suggests that Tyrion provide Sansa with a child, since the only happiness Cersei has ever known has been because of her children. Cersei doesn’t admit to being happy per se, but she does admit that she would have killed herself if it wasn’t for them. Fair enough. She wistfully remembers how Joffrey was actually a happy, “jolly” baby before turning into the sadistic, petulant demon-child that we know today.

What I loved about this scene is that it’s one of the rare moments where Tyrion and Cersei are talking to each other like siblings who may actually care for each other. It’s a scene that has less of the biting back and forth that had become customary between them, so it stands out for that reason alone. It also showed Cersei continuing to be strangely protective of Sansa, albeit in her own special, incredibly unhealthy way. Ultimately, if there is any redeeming quality to Cersei, it’s that she still bears a [twisted] maternal instinct that anchors her emotionally to the rest of humanity, and keeps her from being outright evil in every sense of the word. On the other hand, she is also completely comfortable with the fact that they will be caught in the endless cycle of violently vanquishing enemies forever. The woman’s got layers.

Next: Tywin sees the pointy end of Cersei’s emotional weaponry.


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