‘The Flash’ Cast Hint at Season 3: “Nothing Will Be the Same”

‘The Flash’ Cast Hint at Season 3: “Nothing Will Be the Same”

The Flash ended its second run this week with a truly shocking episode, as the Man in the Iron Mask was finally revealed and Barry made a decision that could have massive repercussions for the future of the show.

Speaking of the show’s future, the latest episode of the DC All Access web series interviewed several members of The Flash cast on the subject of what’s to come in Season 3. There’s the usual vague teases, obviously, but some actual juicy hints too. You can watch the video, which also looks at the launch of DC Rebirth and Scooby Apocalypse, below. The Flash cast turn up at around the “2:23” mark.



Cisco actor Carlos Valdes teased: “Season 3 is going to start in an unexpected place. That’s all I’m going to say. It’s like nothing will be the same.”

The Flash himself, Grant Gustin, was quite open on the fact that more speedsters will turn up, saying: “I think it’s inevitable at this point.”

Likewise, Jesse L Martin AKA Joe West confirmed that we would see more of Joe wondering if Wally has got speed powers as “Wally is obviously going in that direction.”

What was most enlightening was the cast’s talk about the villains that could be around next season. It seems we could be seeing even more alternate versions of characters than in Season 2.

Valdes explained: “Things are definitely different. Different iterations of characters and situations and relationships that are familiar to viewers. I think it’s going to throw viewers through a loop. It’s sort of like waking up in Wonderland.”

Gustin had the biggest tease: “I’ve heard whispers that we might have a big bad that isn’t a metahuman.”

Could the actor’s whispers be true? It would be unexpected for the show to have an ordinary human as the main threat, going by how fantastical and comic book-y it has been up until now. Just four months to go until season three kicks off so we can find out!


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