‘The Flash’s’ Flashpoint Will Give Barry New Memories

‘The Flash’s’ Flashpoint Will Give Barry New Memories

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Fans are still trying to piece together exactly what shape the Flashpoint storyline will take on The Flash Season 3. Grant Gustin has teased that while the arc won’t last very long, it will have permanent effects. Barry’s tinkering with time will prove beneficial in some ways, but devastating in others. One aspect that fact may shine most is in his memories.

Entertainment Weekly’s Spoiler Room touched on this recently:

“In the Flashpoint timeline, we’ll find Barry truly appreciating the opportunity to spend quality time with his now-dead parents, but it won’t be long before he faces the consequences of tinkering with time.”

Gustin added another layer of intrigue to the ever growing mystery.

“[Barry’s] starting to have new memories of graduating high school and college, memories he never had with his parents, but those memories are replacing other things from the other timeline.”

Barry will have new memories with his parents… Get the tissues ready now. This new bit of information is great, though it raises even more questions and answers none. How will Barry experience these memories? Pictures, sudden and strange flashbacks, casual conversations? If they are through flashbacks, they may possibly explains his collapsing spells in the teaser trailer. Perhaps that’s how Doctor Alchemy factors in, causing Barry to blackout a la Butterfly Effect. Actually, that would be pretty awesome.

The Flash Season 3 will begin airing on Tuesday, October 4. In the meantime, what do you think this all means? Tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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