‘The Flash’ Season 3: Details on Villains & Jay Garrick’s Role

‘The Flash’ Season 3: Details on Villains & Jay Garrick’s Role

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Perhaps the most exciting aspect of The Flash is its main villains. The Reverse Flash and Zoom are the perfect adversaries for Barry Allen. However, many are concerned Season 3 may tread old ground since Savitar, another speedster, will act as the second villain alongside Dr. Alchemy. According to executive producer Todd Helbing, fans should set those worries aside.

Speaking to IGN, Helbing touched on the significance of adding another speedster.

“I think in general if you have some of these other meta humans, it gets hard to show how Barry can’t get them. If you have another speedster, especially someone like Zoom, or Reverse Flash, you need somebody on an equal level to provide that threat that a lot of these other metas can’t do.”

He also divulged what will set Savitar apart from the villains of the past.

“Savitar is more of a psychological villain in a weird way. I think the Hindu word for Savitar means God of Speed; he’s all about speed. Everything about this guy is different. I can’t go into super detail, but he’s not like Zoom or Reverse Flash.”

When asked what Savitar’s relationship will be to Dr. Alchemy, Helbing teased that “Dr. Alchemy’s plan and Savitar’s plan are not much different.”

The Flash's Dr. Alchemy
‘The Flash’s’ Dr. Alchemy

Helbing then went on to discuss how Dr. Alchemy’s introduction will alter The Flash’s dynamic.

“Last year we got pretty dark with Zoom, and I think we want to go back to more of a Season 1 lightness to it. We still need those darker moments, and I think when you find out what Alchemy is doing, it sort of provides that “holy s**t” moment that we really love to have on our show.”

We know Supergirl’s Earth won’t be affected by Flashpoint. However, the state of Earth 2 and 3 have yet to be fully detailed, following Barry’s timeline altering decision. Helbing explained those will have no connection to Flashpoint, because, like Supergirl, they aren’t related to Earth 1.

“Jay Garrick and him are free. Those other Earths aren’t affected, much like Supergirl is not affected because she’s on whatever Earth she’s on. Jay Garrick on Earth-3 still exists as Jay Garrick — nothing has changed. And I think that now Barry knows where he is, and that there is somebody a lot older than him, a lot more experienced, even though he looks like his father, he’s going to use him for advice every-so-often.”

What’s especially interesting is that Jay Garrick will apparently play a mentor figure to Barry. Perhaps one not so dissimilar to Harrison Wells in Season 1, though minus the well concealed hatred. It’ll be fascinating to see how Barry approaches Garrick and seeing how they’re relationship blossoms. Will he look to Garrick as another father figure, because he’s his dad’s doppelgänger? Let us now your thoughts and theories in the comments below,

The Flash Season 3 kicks off Tuesday, October 4.

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