Five Things Joss Whedon Should Bring to Batgirl

Five Things Joss Whedon Should Bring to Batgirl

4. Batgirl’s mind

Mind like a steel Bat-trap

Batgirl’s strengths don’t end with her considerable fighting skills. She’s also a computer genius, as witnessed during her time as Oracle, information broker to the heroic community. (Note–we’re not suggesting Whedon talk about her Oracle days. Maybe after that animated movie we could just leave Killing Joke out of this.) And she possesses an eidetic, or photographic, memory. Her mind stores everything she sees, hears, or experiences.

This could play a cool and interesting role in Batgirl’s cinematic adventures. Barbara using her ability to replay conversations, moments, or in the above picture, entire parties in order to spot the clue that helps her crack the villain’s plans. Like Sherlock and his mind-palace.

Barbara’s an icon for a reason. For a few reasons. Let’s not skimp on any of them.

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