Five Things Joss Whedon Should Bring to Batgirl

Five Things Joss Whedon Should Bring to Batgirl

2. Supporting Cast

Batgirl and friends
Barbara and her besties.

Some of the supporting cast for Batgirl seems obvious. Whedon will definitely want to sign on J.K. Simmons, who plays Barbara’s father Commissioner Gordon in Justice League. If possible, a cameo (but only a cameo) by Ben Affleck’s Batman wouldn’t be out of place. And while Nightwing won’t be available until Chris McKay is ready to cast him, given their history, a name drop couldn’t hurt. But beyond that, there are opportunities for new faces.

Since DC Rebirth, Batgirl has been a book of inclusion, most notably Barbara’s new best friend and roommate Alysia Yeoh, who came out to her as being trans-female, and her African-American ally Frankie, who runs tech support. And diversity only increased when Barbara arrived in Burnside, and Batgirl now sports DC’s most racially- and LGBT-diverse supporting cast.

Another film to put effort into this level of diversity? Spider-Man: Homecoming. That hit film was rightly praised for the work they put into representing New York’s diversity in Peter Parker’s high school.

Wonder Woman has made great strides for female-led superhero movies, but the genre is still overwhelmingly white. Batgirl has a chance to bring more people of color and LGBT representation to the DCEU.

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