Final Punisher Trailer Reveals Release Date

Final Punisher Trailer Reveals Release Date

Netflix has dropped one final Punisher trailer, and in addition to a few more dollops of footage of Frank Castle in action, the latest trailer tells fans the one thing they’ve been waiting the longest to hear: the release date. Check out the trailer below.

The Punisher drops on November 17th, a date comic fans might find familiar… it’s also opening night for Justice League. This isn’t the first time that a Marvel Netflix show has been announced opposite a DCEU film: the second season of Daredevil was originally supposed to come out the same weekend as Batman V Superman, although in that case Netflix ultimately moved the release date to earlier in the month. Of course, any time that a Marvel and a DC project come so close to each other, it’s seen as cross-company rivalry, and it’s possible that Punisher’s release being opposite Justice League is why the date was kept quiet for so long. But then, there is no current evidence that a Netflix release has an impact on opening weekend film grosses.

As to the final Punisher trailer itself, it confirms what previous teases had suggested: that Castle will be targeting his former military bosses in retaliation for the failed attempt on his life that cost him his wife and children. The trailer also suggests that Castle’s new partner, Micro, suffered a similar fate, which is why he reaches out to Castle to team up against their mutual enemy.

Said mutual enemy is Rawlins (Paul Schulze), the man in charge of the incident in Kandahar that led to everything. However, if recent Marvel Netflix series teach us anything, he might not remain the primary villain for all 13 episodes. There may be a switch in the back half, possibly to Castle’s ex-squadmate, Billy “Jigsaw” Russo (Ben Barnes).

We’ll know for certain when The Punisher drops on November 17th.

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