Fan Tries to Lecture Frank Oz that He Doesn’t Know Yoda as Much as Him

Fan Tries to Lecture Frank Oz that He Doesn’t Know Yoda as Much as Him

Legendary puppeteer Frank Oz is probably best known for playing Yoda in Star Wars, and if you’ve been on the internet long enough, you’ll know how passionate/crazy the fans can be. Oz had recently tried to school a fan about the portrayal of Yoda in The Last Jedi, and someone had replied to tell Oz himself that he was wrong.

For context, Oz was replying to fan who was saying that he thought Yoda’s actions in The Last Jedi were out of character. Oz then replied, saying he knew the character more intimately, then someone else told Oz that he was wrong for feeling that way.

Of course, a lot of people were on Oz’s side seeing that he had been playing Yoda since The Empire Strikes Back. When it comes to these fanboys, I think Lucasfilm has already accepted that there’s no really pleasing anyone. Whatever they put out, someone will always have something to say.

It’s funny that this happens a lot in the Star Wars fandom. One time, George Lucas himself admitted that he made the first movie for 12-year-old kids. Of course, some fans came out to say that Lucas was also wrong about his own intentions, and that Star Wars is what they thought it was. No doubt the same fans are the ones who have been bashing the Disney era films to no end online.

While there will always be manbabies in any huge fandom, hopefully the more optimistic fans manage to outnumber them in the future. After all, what good is Star Wars if you can’t have any fun with it?

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