Eleven’s Return Teased in Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

Eleven’s Return Teased in Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

As if this year’s San Diego Comic-Con couldn’t get anymore exciting, Netflix has unveiled Stranger Things‘ second season trailer. Check it out below:

As Michael Jackson’s Thriller plays in the background, the trailer walks us through the troubles of Will Byers. Since returning from an extended stay in the Upside Down, things have been rough for Will. At least that’s what can be discerned from the trailer. During Season 1’s final episode, he showed signs of side effects from his unfortunate venture. They look to be taking a toll on him. He’s seeing things, hearing things, and it appears as though his family will seek professional help. Whether that help comes from Dr. Brenner’s former team is up for debate; that seems to be the case, though.

The Halloween-theme is paying off, too, which is awesome considering the scare-factor is supposedly being raised. How it will unfold should be interesting, as the Upside Down won’t be the Hawkins community’s only worry.

Stranger Things Season 2 eleven

The trailer opens happily enough, with the kids enjoying their time at the local arcade. Will’s Upside Down-related issue then take precedence in the trailer, which is nice since so little of him was seen in Season 1. Yet, it is Eleven who finishes the trailer off. She appears at the very end, apparently emerging from a portal in the school where she was last seen. In the Season 1 finale, Sheriff Hopper left waffles in a box in the woods. How that scene correlates with the last few moments of the new trailer are now of special interest.

What are you theories about Will and Eleven? Share them in the comments below.

Stranger Things returns for its second season this fall, and begins streaming October 27 on Netflix.

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