Donald Glover Stars in Bizarre New Trailer for Bando Stone & The New World

After succeeding with Atlanta and the remake of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino is now set to come back to the big screen. Everyone has been excited for an update on his return to Community with the movie, but Glover has dropped a trailer for a film called Bando Stone and the New World.

Check this out:

No official synopsis has been released for the movie, but it does look like Glover is going to be playing a celebrity who somehow finds himself facing the apocalypse with a stranger and her child. We don’t see any aliens, but we do see that the apocalypse in this film takes the form of geometric lights that may or may not disappear anything in its path.

The trailer also promotes that the film’s soundtrack will all be coming from Glover and the song that plays over the trailer, Lithonia is set to release this week.

I’ll admit, I can’t make heads or tails if this is an actual movie or just an elaborate marketing plot. It doesn’t have a release date or an IMDb entry; but knowing Glover, he does have a penchant for very artsy movies, and this looks like something that’s right up his wheelhouse—from the unique visuals to the unique concept of the ‘monsters’.

Hopefully we’ll find out more soon, but I am all up for a weird Donald Glover movie that you get to watch on the big screen.

Bando Stone & The New World is set to come out to IMAX theatres sometime this year.


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