Disney+ Reportedly Developing Solo Spinoff

Disney+ Reportedly Developing Solo Spinoff

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Despite the film’s underperformance in the box office, there is actually a huge fanbase for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and a lot of people have been campaigning to #MakeSolo2Happen online. What’s interesting is, a rumor has come out that Disney+ is working on a spinoff series for the film.

Jeremy Conrad (MCU Cosmic) writes for Star Wars Unity:

While we’ll probably not see a sequel or continuation of Han’s story, I’ve heard a rumor that some kind spin-off set after the events of the movie is being developed as a Disney+ series. As it probably wouldn’t be about Han, Chewie, or Lando; some kind of underworld (Solo)series dealing with the Crimson Dawn and other scoundrels sounds the most likely.

Though the suggestion that Han Solo and Chewie won’t be at the center of the story is realistic, I think another scoundrel series is going to be kind of redundant, seeing as we already have the upcoming show The Mandalorian.

Personally, I think a lot of fans would be pleased if the series just continued Solo’s story with Qi’Ra and Crimson Dawn, and we’d also get appearances from other famous underworld figures like Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett—whatever they were planning for the sequel.

For now, it’s just a rumor. With the Cassian Andor and Kenobi series in the works, it may be a while before Lucasfilm comes back to Solo. At least we have some hope.

Catch The Mandalorian when it launches alongside Disney+ on Nov. 12.



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