‘Dope’ Director Rick Famuyiwa Helming a DC Film?

Batman News’ Chris Begley has caught wind of some interesting coincidences that could point to a new director potentially tackling a film in the DCEU. Writer/director of 2015’s Dope, Rick Famuyiwa, recently took to Twitter for a DC following binge.

According to Begley, Famuyiwa began his spree in this order: DC Comics, Geoff Johns, Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, Suicide Squad, Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher, and Jason Momoa. In the midst of all that, he also followed Channing Tatum, and comic writer Mark Waid, who’s known for the seminal Kingdom Come and his Flash run. Geoff Johns, who is reportedly one of the new heads for the DC films, returned the favor and followed Famuyiwa back.

Again, these could be coincidences that are just provoking speculation, but the timing of it all can’t be ignored. The Flash film recently lost director Seth Grahame-Smith, due to creative differences, while Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps are both without someone at the helm. Although, rumors have been circulating that Warner Bros. may be looking to tap Mad Max: Fury Road’s George Miller to direct the Green Lantern movie.

Because Famuyiwa is known for working with films starring a predominantly African American cast (Brown Sugar, Our Family Wedding, Dope), it’s fair to assume he could be in talks for Cyborg. However, because The Flash is the earliest releasing film in the DC slate still in need of a director, he could be on board to fill in for the Scarlet Speedster’s standalone. This is all assuming, of course, that he is indeed working with Warner Bros.

Rick Famuyiwa may be an interesting choice, as he would be another director heading a DCEU project while also making his superhero film debut. But as always, it will likely be while before any of the above is confirmed or debunked.

Image: Warner Bros.


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