Detective Pikachu: First Look at Pokemon Thanks to Set Photos

Detective Pikachu: First Look at Pokemon Thanks to Set Photos

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Believe it or not, Legendary Entertainment is working on a live-action Detective Pikachu movie, and Ryan Reynolds (yes, Deadpool) has been cast as the voice of the crime-solving electric rat. Though we still have no idea what the Pikachu will look like in the film, some set photos seemingly reveal what aesthetic the movie is going for when it comes to live-action Pokemon.

Check it out:

If you look closely at the fliers on the bulletin board, you’ll have a look at Pokemon like Machoke and Graveler. I don’t know I this is the final look for those Pokemon, but it seems very close to the simple CGI from the Japanese trailer.

Seeing that the property is huge, and the studio producing it is also big, I have no doubt that we’re going to be seeing some better graphics for the Detective Pikachu film. Maybe the flimsy graphics are just placeholders until they decide on what the final look for the Pokemon in the movie will be.

Though the movie admittedly seems like a silly concept, Detective Pikachu has managed to nab huge stars like Reynolds and even Ken Watanabe. Not to mention, Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch is also working on the screenplay.

With a release date set for May 10, 2019, let’s hope that we get our first glimpse at the Detective Pikachu movie later this year.


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