‘Deadpool’ Director Describes Emotional Cut Scene

‘Deadpool’ Director Describes Emotional Cut Scene

Aside from the stellar acting of Ryan Reynolds and the supporting cast, the hilarity, and the brilliantly told love story, Deadpool is widely praised for its incredible pacing. It moves smoothly from scene to scene and even the film’s quieter sequences fit in flawlessly. However, in an interview with Cinema Blend, director Tim Miller revealed that one scene in particular would have broken the pacing, which unfortunately led to it being left on the cutting room floor.

“There’s a scene, in the script it was called ‘The Cancer World Tour,’ where Wade and Vanessa went around the world to try and find a cure to his cancer. They end the Cancer World Tour having lost hope in this really creepy, shyster clinic in Guadalajara, and this doctor is clearly a quack. And Wade kills him. And it’s this really emotional scene, and Vanessa witnesses it, and it’s the first time he’s really let the monster out, and she sees who he is. And he runs away from her because he’s so ashamed. And it was a really great scene, and Ryan fucking crushed it. He just crushed it. He was so good, but it just didn’t work with the pacing of the movie so we cut it. It’s a really great scene.”


Wade Wilson and Vanessa in Deadpool


This deleted sequence would have likely been placed between Wade getting diagnosed with cancer and his departure for the Ajax/Francis-run superhero lab. While it sounds amazing, and would have offered a great set-up for Vanessa seeing him in action as Deadpool later, the film indeed may have hit a pacing hitch because of it.

Luckily, the Blu-ray/DVD will include this and other deleted and extended scenes. The home release of Deadpool hits store shelves soon on May 10.


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