‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Released Online – The Merc is Coming

‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Released Online – The Merc is Coming

2016 was packed with superhero movies, but the best one (by far!) was Deadpool. Tim Miller’s directorial debut was praised by critics and audience alike who were more than pleased with Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of the Merc with a mouth.

It’s fair to say that since the Deadpool trailer debuted at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, fans have been eagerly waiting for more. Deadpool 2 won’t be released until next year, but with Logan hitting the big screen, it was the perfect opportunity to tease some Deadpool.

A teaser trailer plays before Logan in US theatres but lucky us the teaser has been officially released online. Thank you, Deadpool! Um, Ryan Reynolds!

In good ol’ Deadpool fashion, the teaser is grimy, sassy, and has great music. Here we have Wade Wilson walking down the street where he witnesses a man being mugged. Wade runs to the nearer phone booth to get into costume… but takes a bit too long. With the victim now dead, the only thing left for Deadpool to do is… well, be Deadpool.

Oh, and there’s a special cameo in there as well.

Watch the teaser below.

Although it’s just a teaser, it has a few Easter eggs here and there (such as the Logan poster) and that super long scrolling text with Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. A bit odd, yes, but it’s Deadpool and we should never question his ways.

Props to Fox for releasing the video online for those who don’t live in the US – and especially because there would have been various low-quality videos on the web sooner or later. It has happened before, most memorably with Deadpool’s test footage (although that turned out great) but we doubt they would like to repeat it.

There’s one thing we can all agree on: Deadpool is coming… not soon enough. Is it January, 2018 yet?


Image via Fox.


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