David Tennant to return in Jessica Jones Season 2

David Tennant to return in Jessica Jones Season 2

David Tennant’s Kilgrave AKA The Purple Man looks set to return in season 2 of Jessica Jones according to new set photos. Entertainment Weekly confirmed the presence of Tennant’s villain with an exclusive look at both Tennant and the titular character’s actress, Krysten Ritter. Tennant became a fan favourite in season 1, portraying The Purple Man with a charming yet incredibly twisted stance. The character shaped Jessica Jones as we know her by using his powers of mind control on her. His signature colour also influenced Jessica’s surroundings and is featured heavily in the shows cinematography.

Although it is not known yet about Kilgrave’s positioning in the show, it is expected that his reappearance may coincide with a flashback. Especially due to the nature of Jessica’s PTSD in the show. It has also not been confirmed yet as to who the villain will be in Season 2. This has led fans to speculate about whether The Purple Man was really (SPOILER) dead or not.

What do we know about Season 2?

Jessica will make her next appearance in The Defenders coming this Friday to Netflix. Her colour palette in promotional stills and trailers still seems to be purple. This may suggest that her character has not dealt with the trauma she has experienced with Kilgrave.

Season 2 began shooting in April after The Defenders wrapped. It also appears that some episodes filmed back to back with the big Marvel team up. The first season, which won a PEABODY award, rated highly with fans and critics with a specific praise for Ritter’s portrayal of the tortured, private investigator. We know the show will see its release in 2018 but we do not have a definite date yet. We expect it to come out before Daredevil Season 3 and Iron Fist Season 2 though. Carrie Ann Moss’s stern lawyer Jeri Hogarth and Rachael Taylor’s Trish Walker will also return.

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