Larry David Returns with added Bryan Cranston in Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Trailer

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Can you be believe that it has been six years since Seinfeld creator Larry David graced us with his brilliantly acerbic not-so-alter ego in Curb Your Enthusiasm? Well, he’s back, and judging by this  hilarious new trailer for the October 1st HBO release, it appears that nothing much has changed for a man who utters such immortal lines as “you can be happy, just not in front of me”.

Each season is chock full of new characters, and the inclusion of Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as his psychiatrist is a masterstroke. Who would want to be Larry David’s shrink? But it’s the familiar faces that get you excited; Richard Lewis telling Larry that he’s “devoid of anything that’s remotely empathic or caring”, the scene stealing Leon (J.B. Smoove) informing Larry of the time he won a hot dog eating competition whilst constipated, and Susie Essman’s inflammatory Susie Green doing what she does best, simply yelling at the hapless David.

Throw in the kind of menial travails that audiences love to see Larry get irate about, such as trying to get the remnants of shampoo from the bottle, a shoelace breaking as he ties it, and something only Larry would do, telling a crying woman to shut up at a funeral, and Curb Your Enthusiasm season nine has the potential to be one of the best yet.

Running for seventeen years now, David has always created using a mantra of “when he can be bothered” and “if it’s good enough”, which works in keeping with the central character, but also means that Curb very rarely dips below brilliant.

Also starring Jeff Garlin as Larry’s manager, Cheryl Hines as his ex-wife, Bob Einstein as fan-favourite Marty Funkhouser, and Ted Danson as himself, Curb Your Enthusiasm returns to HBO on October 1st. Commence whistling of theme tune now.

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