Chris McKay says he is “taking his time” casting Nightwing

Chris McKay says he is “taking his time” casting Nightwing

Chris McKay, director of the Lego Batman movie and now the first port of call for the Nightwing movie, says they are taking their time casting Nightwing. In response to a fan who said “It’s been almost a week. Don’t you have any news for us,” McKay responded by saying that no one has been cast yet.

He also continued to say that the long wait for a casting announcement is due to the productions desire to get the actor and character embodiment just right.

And in his last tease on Twitter, in response to a fan who asked what Nightwing’s age range was, he simply answered: “wise beyond his years”. Which may suggest that the actor playing the titular character will be a little older than a teen.

Casting Rumours

Casting rumours have swirled around for a while with names such as Drake Bell, Lewis Tan, Dylan O’Brien and even Game of Thrones‘ Kit Harrington. McKay has already mentioned briefly that there will be nods to Dick Grayson’s circus past. If anything, the actor playing the role will need to be athletic and ready to play the role with all the gusto that Dick Grayson deserves. Actors/martial artists such as Lewis Tan, who played the Drunken Master-type character on Marvel’s Iron Fist could work as well as Dylan O’Brien who has already shown his fighting and action set chops by becoming an American Assassin alongside Michael Keaton and doing heavy wirework on The Maze Runner franchise.

It seems we may be in for a long wait to find out who will play our Nightwing.

Image: DC Comics


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