Burger King and Napoleon Dynamite Make a Holiday Comeback

Burger King and Napoleon Dynamite Make a Holiday Comeback

Not all of us have mad bow hunting or ninja skills, but we can always indulge in that crunchy, carb-loaded delicacy known as the tater tot. Burger King knows this and has thus brought back, upon customer demand, Cheesy Tots. Who better to make the announcement than known tater tot aficionado, Napoleon Dynamite (John Heder) and his best buddy, Pedro (Efren Ramirez).

Not only do the two represent quite a few of our own high school experiences more than we would like to admit (guilty as charged), but like the Cheesy Tots, Pedro and Napoleon have had to wait a while before coming back into the public eye. The film, Napoleon Dynamite, came out in 2004, making this reunion 12 years in the making. The Cheesy Tots, on the other hand, were taken off the Burger King menu in 2009. They then appeared on the menu again for a limited time back in 2013.

Cheesy Tots, for the adjective-challenged, are exactly what one would expect: tater tots with melted cheese on the inside. According to Business Insider, Burger King North America President Alex Macedo Burger (who could not have a more appropriate last name), said fans of the Cheesy Tots had been clamouring for their return. “So,” says Burger, “we wanted to give loyalists a holiday surprise after we heard so many of their requests.”


Cheesy Tots will only be around for a limited time and only available on the Burger King lunch and dinner menus. From all of us cheese and potato lovers (and you know who you are) thank you, Burger King. Not just for the fried food, but for reminding us that even if we can’t dance, or pronounce the word “tortillas” properly, or if we use our cargo pants to carry around food items (what else are all those pockets for, anyway?), we all eventually get our own comeback. If not, at least there’s cheese-filled tater tots.

Image: Burger King


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