Bright 2: David Ayer Offers Update for the Netflix Sequel

Bright 2: David Ayer Offers Update for the Netflix Sequel

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Though Disney Pixar is set to bring us to an urban fantasy world with Onward, Netflix had pretty much done the same thing with their 2017 movie Bright. We had word before the release of the film that a sequel had already been greenlit, but there hasn’t been any significant update on Bright 2… until now.

Talking to SlashFilm, director David Ayer confirms that sequel to Bright is still in development, but he didn’t really go into specifics on when we can expect this movie to start production. When it comes to taking on the world again, Ayer did have this to say:

“It’s a great opportunity for all of us to explore the world more… I think people felt like there was a lot of doorways to explore. People were like, ‘Tell us about the dragon. Tell us about this, the history.’ So it’s a very rich world and I think we’re going to drill down some more.”

It feels like a shame that Bright 2 isn’t progressing as fast as it should be, because it was said that scheduling conflicts with this film are what lead to Will Smith bowing out of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Hopefully Ayer and his team could start rolling cameras before the year ends.

Though the story did have some narrative problems, I still thought the world of Bright was interesting. You have to hand it to Ayer, Suicide Squad didn’t have the best story, but the look and feel of the film is definitely original—and you can say the same thing about Bright.

No release date has been set for the Bright sequel, but you can catch the first movie on Netflix.


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