Black Widow will Delve ‘Under the Skin’ of Natasha Romanoff

Black Widow will Delve ‘Under the Skin’ of Natasha Romanoff

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Despite being in the MCU for ten years, we actually know very little about Natasha Romanoff. With Natasha finally coming to the spotlight with Black Widow, director Cate Shortland talks about how she wanted to delve into her character more.

Talking to Empire, Shortland explained:

“I wanted to give [Black Widow] justice. It gave us this feeling like, ‘I’ve got one chance and I really want people to understand her and to feel empathy for her,’ because often what you see is a very fetishised construct. We wanted to get under her skin.”

If anything, Natasha has always been a supporting character for the likes of Iron Man and Captain America, so it would be great to see what she’s like on her own. We’ve always been getting teasers of her ‘dark past’ so it would be interesting to see exactly where she came from.

Scarlett Johansson also had this to say about coming back for Black Widow, “I feel like I tried it all this time around. I really got to go to all those uncomfortable places and explore certain recesses of [Natasha Romanoff].”

With Natasha having died in Endgame, everyone is suspecting that Florence Pugh will be taking her place among the Avengers. Personally I love it. Pugh is a fantastic actress, and I would love to see her take on the shoes of the new Black Widow. Maybe she can even have some moments with Hawkeye.

For now, Black Widow has been postponed indefinitely, but hopefully we get the film before the year ends.


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