Black Widow Movie has Found Its Director

Black Widow Movie has Found Its Director

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It’s been a grueling process, but after looking at more than seventy directors, Marvel Studios has finally found someone to direct the Black Widow solo movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel has chosen Australian director Cate Shortland to direct the film. It’s said that Shortland was a personal preference of star Scarlett Johansson herself, and she was said to have been impressed by Shortland’s work on the 2012 film, Lore.

Marvel was said to have been prioritizing female directors for the movie and even went on a brief hiatus when they started considering men to direct. It’s worth noting that Shortland will be the first woman to have solo credit as director for a Marvel movie. Anna Bodeyn co-directing with Ryan Fleck for the upcoming Captain Marvel.

It’s been almost ten years, and just now is Black Widow being considered for her own solo movie. This is just my opinion: though I really do love Johansson playing Natasha Romanoff, I think her backstory would come out a tad redundant for Hollywood.

Tell me this movie hasn’t been made: A lone woman secret agent is really good at her job. She kicks all kinds of ass and has a tragic backstory. The main conflict has her go up against some organization—one that will make her question her alliegances.

That’s basically the plot for Atomic Blonde, Lucy, Ghost in the Shell, Wanted, and Colombiana. Two of those films already starred Johannson.

If anything, I could be wrong. I think it’s high time Black Widow was in the spotlight instead of playing second fiddle to Iron Man or Captain America. Hopefully Marvel comes up with an interesting story despite this film having to be kid-friendly.

No release date has been set for Black Widow.


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