Billy Dee Williams Cancels Convention Appearance; Sparks Episode IX Rumors

Billy Dee Williams Cancels Convention Appearance; Sparks Episode IX Rumors

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Though Lando Calrissian is a late addition to the main Star Wars characters, he’s every bit just as important as Han or Leia. With Carrie Fisher’s death, the role of legacy character has been left open for Episode IX. However, it is possible that Lando could be filling in for her.

According to ComicBook, Lando actor Billy Dee Williams had to cancel a con appearance due to ‘film schedule conflict’. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo posted this up on their page:

“We’ve got some sad news for you all today. Due to a film schedule conflict, Billy Dee Williams will not be able to appear at [the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo] this year… He sends his regrets, and hopes to make it up to his Saskatchewan fans in 2019.”

This isn’t the first rumor that sparked speculation. Earlier last month, it was reported that Williams was undergoing some physical training. At 81 years-old, what could Williams possibly be up to that he has to suddenly start training?

It’s possible that it could be for his own health, but almost everyone is convinced that this was Williams preparing himself to reappear as Lando in Episode IX. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher had to do the same with The Force Awakens, it’s only logical that Williams will be up for it as well.

Though I am very excited to see Lando come back, nothing has been confirmed by Lucasfilm so far. With no legacy character in line for Episode IX though, a return from the old smoothie would definitely be a welcome one.



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