Bill Burr Compared Shooting The Mandalorian to Fraggle Rock

Bill Burr Compared Shooting The Mandalorian to Fraggle Rock

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If anyone didn’t like Star Wars, it was definitely comedian Bill Burr. Burr had been trashing on the franchise and its fandom for years, so it was a shock to everyone that he would end up playing a bounty hunter on Disney+’s The Mandalorian. What’s funny is, though Burr was pretty good on the show, he was having a hard time taking things seriously during rehearsals.

Talking to Pardon My Take, Burr explains how he would have to control himself when he was shooting with co-stars Natalia Tena and Clancy Brown. He says:

“You know when you’re in the room and only you find something funny, so you can’t laugh? They were just sort of saying all this space shit to each other and I kind of had to look down for a second and regroup. For half a second, I was like, ‘I’m on f*ckin’ Fraggle Rock.’ What am I doing here?”

It’s funny that he would compare shooting the show to Fraggle Rock, because Burr had infamously called Star Wars, a “cheesy self-help book put in outer space with muppets.”  Fraggle Rock was a show created by Jim Henson and used—what do you know—muppets.

Despite making fun of the franchise, Burr has since gotten a change of heart. I don’t know if he actually likes Star Wars, but he sounds to have some newfound respect for the franchise, explaining how impressed he was at how The Mandalorian looked when it came out.

If anything, Burr’s character Mayfeld is said to be making a return in the second season. Catch The Mandalorian 2 on Disney+ when it premieres sometime in October.


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