Ben Affleck More Interested in Directing than Starring in the New Batman Movie

Ben Affleck More Interested in Directing than Starring in the New Batman Movie

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News about upcoming DC movies is almost always met with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, especially from hardcore fans. The publisher isn’t known to be successful in translating their comic book characters into the big screen all that well. Aside from the Dark Night Trilogy, these films generally generate mixed to negative reviews.

Nevertheless, Batman is still Batman. Possible details about any upcoming movie would still make the news round-up.

Aside from the upcoming Aquaman feature, it is reported that a Batman movie is slated to be released in 2018. No premiere date has been set but there has since been a multitude of news and raucous surrounding this Batman movie.

Earlier this year, a few months after Batman V Superman,  NME reported that Ben Affleck is rethinking his role as Batman. The report was confirmed by John Campea, a film journalist, who have heard it from three different insiders.

According to Campea, Affleck is already looking for ways to get out of his contract. If he fails to get out of it, the upcoming stand-alone Batman movie would be the last time the “Good Will Hunting” actor would be seen as the Batman.

“He doesn’t want to be Batman anymore. I have been told that Affleck is talking with Warner Bros. in an attempt to get out of being Batman. If they do not let him out of being Batman, [then] the standalone Batman film that ultimately happens, will be the last time we see Affleck as Batman, because he apparently wants out.” quipped Campea in the Collider Movie Talk Youtube show as reported by NME.

Following the release of Justice League, Ben Affleck has since sat down with Barbaros Tapan from Daily Sabah to discuss his role as Batman in the recent movie. The interview touched on the possibility of his return to the franchise. Affleck neither confirmed nor denied throwing in the towel as Batman. According to the A-lister, he might be leaning more towards directing a Batman movie than starring in one.

“For me, it’s interesting, and I always evaluate this stuff on the merit of the material. I want to direct a “Batman” movie, and I never got a script that I was happy with, so they are starting over and writing another script. And right now, I think a lot of different possibilities I think for the way the DC Universe could go, and I will just follow my interests in pursuing that” explained the actor in the Daily Sabah interview.

Affleck, however, is not one to close doors. According to the actor in the same interview, he enjoys playing the most recent version of Batman. He explains that this Batman, unlike the one from Batman V Superman, is less dark. The character isn’t necessarily funny but is allowed to be hilarious.


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The most recent DC film featuring Ben Affleck, Justice League,  premiered a month ago in November to mixed reviews from casual viewers and critics alike.

What do you think? Would you be okay with Ben Affleck moving away from his role as the caped crusader?


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