Battle of the Sexes Review: Dawn of Misogyny

Battle of the Sexes Review: Dawn of Misogyny

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For the past centuries, many people argued about the role of women in the society, the mentality that men are more superior than women lasted for so long until the women finally had the voice to fight for equality and earn the respect and recognition that they deserve.

The battle of the sexes shows how people see women as athletes back in the 1970’s, how they were treated and how they chose to rebel against the male superior mentality. Emma Stone portrayed the role of Billie Jean King, a former World number 1 female tennis player who won different titles in many different categories, Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs which is the tennis contender for the male side, in the movie and in real life these characters played a tennis match to determine if women are worthy enough to play similar with the men.

This film surely brings a lot of topic for the audience to reflect on such as feminism and other gender issues. In this film, Billie Jean also met a woman named Marilyn played by Andrea Riseborough, and they had some sort of affair even though Billie Jean is already married to man so you get where this is going.

But the main struggle of Billie Jean is her campaign for women to be accepted equally in tennis which is of course, mocked by other men who are “chauvinist” and doesn’t think of women as strong athletes that can be matched with men. This is one of the main characteristic of Bobby Riggs, aside for being a gambler, he is also quite the showman.

The film itself is worthy enough to receive an Oscar nomination so we wouldn’t be surprised if the casts will be selected as well for the nomination. The cinematography is spot-on, it has that 70’s vibe and you can definitely expect a lot from their performances. The technical production, the lighting, the plot, the whole story itself is done greatly, although it was a bit dramatic, it is still a nice film and they surely brought justice to the real people behind the story.

Overall this film is an 8.7 out of 10, everything was simple but it all came together wonderfully and it was made successfully.



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