Batman Solo Coming in a Year and a Half

Batman Solo Coming in a Year and a Half

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While polarizing criticism continues to weigh on Batman v Superman, few would argue Ben Affleck’s Batman was the highlight. As such, Warner Bros. is anxious to move forward with the Bat’s first DCEU solo film. Ben Affleck will direct, and Geoff Johns is helping co-write the script. Affleck teased the project will tell an original story, promising the World’s Greatest Detective aspect of the character’s mythos would be on full display. Aside from Joe Manganiello playing the main villain, Deathstroke, details are being closely guarded. But perhaps this won’t be the case for too much longer.

During the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes spoke on creative alterations coming to the DCEU. Apparently, he also revealed when fans should expect the Batman film to hit theaters (via

“Ben announced a Batman movie [that] he’s going to direct, star, write for – I think it’s a year and a half out. So, the strategy worked,” he said.

If this is the plan, it means we could be seeing the Dark Knight’s next film as soon as early 2018. Which isn’t bad, especially considering Affleck’s recent statement that the movie would release when he was ready. It’s also perfect timing. Justice League launches in November 2017, so our next Bat-fix could come just mere months later. Which further begs the question of what the narrative will entail.

Many speculate Deathstroke will be integrated into Justice League, as an introduction to the character. If he and the Bat are at odds then, perhaps their quarrel will carry over into the Batman solo releasing not long after. Or their troubles in the standalone could be completely void of anything to do with the team-up ensemble. Now that the wait doesn’t seem so long, we can revel in knowing information is on the horizon.

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